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We have hundreds of slides for use in teaching courses in world religions (about 150 are displayed below). These slides are carefully designed to catch the student's attention, to aid memory and recall, and to help with explanation of various aspects of the major religious traditions. Slides that feature a location have a small map insert to help students place the site in the larger world context. Many of the slides feature some form of animation. We are confident that instructors will find no better collection of slides for teaching religious studies courses.

Although these slides often feature some item dealt within in our own digital textbooks, we are making these slides free to all instructors, whether they are using our textbooks or some other texts.

To download our slides, fill our the form to the right, making sure to indicate which slides you wish and what platform (Keynote or Powerpoint) you use. We will send a Dropbox link from which you can download the requested slides.

To view a video of about sixty of these slides, click on our YouTube video. Please note: At times, the video may seem too slow or too rapid. Such issues largely result from making our animated slides into a video for YouTube, where each slide transition is paused by 2 seconds. In actual use of our slides in presentations, the animations and transitions to the next slide would be controlled by the instructor. Instructors can easily select individual slides from our database for their own presentation.

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