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Free Resources

We offer high quality resources for instructors and students in the field of religious studies. All our resources are free except for our digital textbooks and readers. For more information and download links, click on the buttons below.

Instructors who are considering adopting our digital textbooks or readers as their course text should request a free review copy.

One-page summaries for each of ten major religious traditions, with 26 items of information, plus graphics of a key symbol of each tradition, an iconic image associated with each religion, a map of each religion's main location, and a timeline of its most important people and events. Great resource for students' introduction to world religions or a later review.

Check out sample images of some of our slide resources.  All instructors are invited to download a free package of 40 professional slides (many animated) to use in their classes whether they adopt our digital texts or not. The full database of slides is available to any instructor adopting our text for their class.

We have created over 50 eye-catching posters to promote the study of religion in an academic context. These full-page poster ideas are collected in the book IDEA BOOK: Posters for Promoting the Academic Study of Religion. Posters use high resolution images and copies can be made from the IDEA BOOK with ease.

A database of hundreds of audio files of terms that are encountered in the study of world religions. The audio files have been recorded either by a native speaker or by a professor in the field.

NOTE: Our free resources are offered under the following terms.

(1) They shall be not sold.

(2) They shall not be distributed or used in any other form than specified.

(3) The copyright of any material used in our resources must be observed by those using our materials. Most of the images are used under licence specifically for our projects (see attribution with each image). Any use of these images by anyone else would require the purchase of a new licence for such use.