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Info & Contact


To enjoy all the features of our books, such as audio files and internal and external links, it is important that students use the most suited e-Reader for our books on their device. The recommendations below are fairly typical, and all recommended e-Readers are free.

Apple: Use the free Apple Books app for purchasing and reading our books on Apple devices, such as the Mac and the iPad. The Apple Books app is one of the standard apps that come already installed with Apple devices.

Android Devices: Use the free Google Play app for purchasing and reading our books on Android devices, such as the Chromebook and various tablets.


Purchase the Kindle version on the Amazon store. All features work, but audio files will need an active internet connection.

INSTRUCTORS: When an instructor adopts any of our digital texts, we will provide the instructor with a link that can be included with the syllabus or with any other way the instructor communicates with students so that the students can easily access the book in the platform format they require. [See sample here.]