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Review Copy

Instructors who are considering adopting our texts as the course text of their class will be provided with a review copy.

Review copies are now available for the following digital texts:

Eastern Religions textbook

Western Religions textbook

Eastern Religions Reader

Western Religions Reader

World Religions Reader

If you are interested in a specific eastern or western religion, simply request the full Eastern Religions or Western Religions eBook. The full text of individual eastern or western religious tradition is included in the full Eastern Religions or Western Religions text.

Note that the World Religions Reader consists of the text of the Eastern Religions and Western Religions Readers. Select World Religions Reader if you are interested in both Eastern and Western Religions Readers


• Select Apple Books for Macs and iPads

• Select Google Play Books for

     Android devices,

     PCs/Windows devices.

If you use  Apple email or Google gmail, please use that address to get a code for downloading a free review copy from the Apple Books store or the Google Play store. Otherwise, please use your institutional email address.

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